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The oils are dispersed into the air in a higher concentration than with most other diffusers and can be very effective for larger rooms or buildings or when there’s a need to diffuse for longer periods of time. Because of the method of diffusing (an atomizer that disperses super-fine, concentrated particles into the air), the scent may last longer in the room than other diffusers. The machine may hum while in operation which could be considered either soothing or annoying depending on your perspective. Nebulizer diffusers are typically feature-rich, including a wide variety of timer settings for run times and rest times, large capacity operation, and no lights so they’re good to use in the essential oil diffuser bedroom at night. They’re very industrial-looking and, not surprisingly, very low maintenance. Ultrasonic misting diffusers come in all ranges of design and function. A few drops of essential oils are placed into an interior reservoir with either tap or spring water. (Most ultrasonic diffuser manufacturers recommend against the use of distilled water. It may result in a mist that is over-diluted and less effective.) Ultrasonic misting diffusers use sonic vibrations to create a cool mist or fog of oils that are fanned into the air. Therefore, they do (to a small degree) also humidify the air. This is either a plus or minus depending on the humidity levels of your area. Many come with attractive lights that may be turned on or off. They may also feature timers that run from just a few minutes to several hours. Most manufacturers of ultrasonic diffusers recommend cleaning between each use. I’ve also read that some of the cheaper ultrasonic diffusers can become damaged by diffusing a lot of citrus oils, which can be harmful to inexpensive plastic parts. I have to say, though, that I diffuse citrus oils nearly every day and have not had a problem with any of my ultrasonic diffusers. When I made my initial purchase, I googled several different types, read the reviews and quickly made a selection … completely ignoring what I’d just read. Rather than a pricey industrial-looking diffuser, I purchased one based solely on its adorably cute design. According to the popularity of the model I chose, however, I’m not alone. I figured that I’d be looking at it day after day while I work, so why not buy one that’s attractive? Unfortunately, I soon discovered that beauty has its drawbacks.

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